"From injury nightmare to under 3 hours at the marathon".

"After four years of not being able to participate in any races due to various injuries, I was close to giving up running. But I wanted to give it one last chance and decided to get a coach to help me stay injury-free. The choice fell on Håvard. My goal, in addition to staying injury-free, was to run a sub-3-hour marathon. Although I had run a few sub-3s a few years ago, it was quite an ambitious goal for a 55-year-old with a history of injuries. At first, I was a little surprised that Håvard wanted me to run so calmly in the majority of the sessions, but chose to trust the coach. "The proof of the pudding is in the eating", as it is called, and that I managed 2:57 on a very windy day in Valencia 2021, is proof enough that Håvard's plan works! That he is also a very nice and sensible guy, who gives good feedback along the way, It doesn't hurt either!"


"Fantastic! I went from 3.50 to 2.47 in the marathon".

"Håvard stands out as a triathlon trainer by offering what I perceive to be the situational determination of each training plan. By that, I mean that he sets up a program and sessions based on actual life situations, not from an optimal situation for an athlete without both a job and children. At Håvard, you don't get a cut-and-paste scheme forwarded to you. With a background in real life, the evenings are not always arranged for personal time. Transport stages to and from work can be adapted to become part of an effective and well-organized training program. A short session while my children are training etc. After doing this for several years, I find that Håvard is the first to explain the background of a session before he talks about the session itself and the goal of the session.

Håvard is good at explaining purpose - method - and goals. This has given me a greater understanding of periodization and recovery, which has given me great progress. Håvard has a wide range of expertise, and lots of experience, and no matter how detailed you want advice and conversations, Håvard is ready. I would strongly recommend others to contact Håvard".


"I will definitely recommend his programs for any distance and any type of runners".

"I used Håvard's training program to prepare Athens Marathon in 2019. I was looking for a plan allowing me to reach my time target without being too restrictive for my life balance. In the past I tried different programs but never really successful or way too restrictive for me. Håvard offered me a perfect solution, fitting exactly my needs and allowing me to reach my best form the D day. I loved his strategy with a focus on quality more than quantity. I will definitely recommend his programs for any distance and any type of runners.


Norwegian age group champion in triathlon and a 2.44 marathoner.

"Over several years, Håvard has shared insights, training tips, training plans and much, much more. Håvard's commitment has helped to give me enormous sporting joy in training and competition. Håvard is "all in" and never runs out of knowledge, smiles and good conversations. Sporting joy, continuity and discipline are the source of good results and good moments. Fortunately, Håvard has been able to help me with everything and is always just a text/phone call away when I've needed guidance, tips or a bit of pure common sense in training. I never doubt Håvard!"


"From 1.58.59 to 1.35.40 on half marathon".

"I would like to thank Håvard for all the inspiration he gave me for the past 4.5 years! I remember when I first told him back in 2015 that I would run my first half marathon. Was it too early? Was I ready? I had a long conversation with Håvard and after that had no doubts that it was the only right thing to do - come to the starting line - and run! Not only that he gave me #tips on how to train best, but also some great mental advice. My goal was to run under 2 hours. I made it at 1:58:59. Was it the last one? Absolutely not. Then it came the second, the third, the fourth, the fifth and the sixth. Every time before my run - Håvard was my go-to person. In my last half marathon, I ran in 1:35:40. But the biggest event was the Athens Marathon in 2019. Big thanks to Håvard who gave the best tips on how to best build up the preparation for the race; advice on how much to drink (yes, it's still very warm in Athens in November), when to drink and how to survive a 20 km of uphill run on a marathon - total time of 3:30:57 it is 😊 Thanks for all the coaching, Håvard! More to come 😊"


From football to running and triathlon.

"As an old soccer player, Håvard introduced me to the "life as a runner" in 2007. He has helped me in an outstanding way both with the running program and perhaps most importantly with the triathlon program in connection with my preparations for both half and full Ironman competitions. His transfer of knowledge and security in that you have prepared as well as you have had the opportunity to, has been an important factor in my training work and it is the knowledge that I give to training friends."


"Håvard has helped me to go from a training routine with several injuries to my marathon debut in 2:47"

There is a long list of reasons why Håvard is a skilled coach and a very good fellow, but to highlight some of the things I have most appreciated: It starts with the very basics. From the very beginning, Håvard was genuinely interested in understanding my everyday life and total workload. He has based his training a lot on heart rate and feeling with great variation in intensity. With Håvard, you really get an individually adapted training program. Håvard responds quickly to questions and is very quick and good at adjusting if something unforeseen occurs, for example, a period of illness. Håvard can be clear about what is required while at the same time being very supportive and reassuring.

Getting help from Håvard is highly recommended to everyone!